There are over 900 species of crickets and are a very common pest.  Size and appearances vary across the species and are commonly mistaken for grasshoppers.

One of the most common, the house cricket, measures ¾ to 1 inch long and are brownish in color.  Field crickets measure up to 1 inch long and are black or brown in color.  This pest prefers damp conditions, living under rocks, wood and mulch.

Are Crickets Dangerous?

Crickets pose no threat to humans but can be destructive to crops and landscape.  The cricket becomes a primary nuisance when males try to attract females by rubbing their wings together creating a “song”.  These songs can be annoying because they happen at night when people are trying to sleep.

How Do You Get Rid of Crickets?

Crickets are best controlled with a regular service program. Our Omaha based technicians identify and treat the issue inside and outside of the dwelling.  We use the latest EPA approved pesticides in our treatment programs.

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